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The Radio One Guarantee

RADIO ONE supports our customers with several exclusive guarantees:

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Your satisfaction is our number one goal. RADIO ONE, together with the support of Motorola, will use its best efforts and work diligently and fairly to assure complete customer satisfaction.

Money Back Performance Guarantee

RADIO ONE will specify in writing, at the customer’s request, the expected performance of a new Motorola radio communications system. The area of coverage specified will be for 90% of the area, 90% of the time. If the radio system purchased does not achieve the specified performance within 30 days of purchase, RADIO ONE will refund or credit 100% of the customer’s payment for the system upon the return of all the equipment.

30-Day Replacement Guarantee

RADIO ONE will replace any new Motorola radio that is purchased and fails within the first 30 days after delivery.

Clear Frequency Guarantee

RADIO ONE will research and recommend the best available low power UHF frequency for on-site communications systems. If the recommended frequency becomes unusable because of interference, RADIO ONE will re-program all radios at NO CHARGE during the warranty period or if covered by Service Agreement. (Not Available for single channel radios)

Trunked Radio Reprogramming

RADIO ONE will re-program any trunked radio purchased to change feature selection, trunking tower, subfleet selection, or channel position for NO CHARGE during the first 30 days after delivery.

Trade-Up Guarantee

RADIO ONE will provide a trade-in allowance pro-rated for the age of the radios toward a trade-up to a new system.

New Technology Guarantee

RADIO ONE has a lease agreement which provides a guarantee of usable technology for the term of the lease.


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