Avigilon Presence Detector (APD)

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Avigilon Presence Detector

The Avigilon Presence Detector (APD) is a small form-factor impulse radar device, with self-learning radar analytics that scans, learns, and continuously adapts to the environment. This enables it to provide extremely high accuracy in detecting the presence of a person at distances up to 9 meters (30 feet) from the sensor, even if the object is hidden or obstructed by objects such as blankets, cardboard, wood, and drywall.

Impulse Radar Technology

Effectively detects people even when they are not moving while also being able to detect fine motion, such as breathing, to alert you of the presence of a person.

Impulse Radar Technology

Complete Privacy

Using radar technology for detection, the APD ensures complete privacy as it does not capture or display items such as ATM keypads or faces.


Low profile and discreet design easily blend into its surroundings. Available in surface and wall mount options, the APD uses standard IP security camera infrastructure and cabling for easy installation.

VMS Integration

Integrates with Avigilon Control Center™ video management software to provide accurate alarm notifications of important events so that you can take action.


Relay I/O Connections
Configure input/output actions and alarms for fast event response


Avigilon Presence Detector

The Avigilon Presence Detector™ is a sensor that combines analytics with impulse radar technology to accurately detect the presence of a person. It can be used in a variety of indoor locations, including ATM rooms, retail stores, and health care facilities. It is an excellent solution for detecting people after standard business hours while ensuring privacy.


Avigilon Control Center

Avigilon Control Center (ACC) 7 is the latest and most advanced version of ACC™ video management software. Designed to bring the right information to you so that you can take action, ACC 7 provides an easy-to-use, AI-enabled user interface to help ensure critical events do not go unnoticed.

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