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RadioPro - Radio Over IP Solutions For MOTOTRBO

RadioPro provides communications to MOTOTRBO radio systems from anywhere in the world.

Applications are available for Windows PCs and laptops as well as iOS and Android smart mobile devices. These applications offer features such as Talk/Listen, Voice Recording, GPS mapping, Text Messaging, Remote Control of radios and repeaters, and I/O Telemetry.

RadioPro Dispatch and Solo can be used on Windows PC platforms. RadioPro Talk can be used on iOS and Android devices.

Key Benefits

  • Low bandwidth usage; less than 22kBytes/s per client.
  • Improved communications for monitoring multiple talk groups from a central location.
  • Ability to locate radio users using GPS.
  • Improved worker safety by alerting dispatcher to emergency situations, and showing location.
  • Improved worker safety and work processes by reviewing an incident in the Archive Viewer.
  • Communicate into the radio system from anywhere using celluar, Wi-Fi, or Internet.
  • Reduced costs since applications can be chosen to best suit a customer’s needs.
  • Systems can be easily deployed across wide area networks, since Multicast is not required.
  • Clear communications with unsurpassed audio, requiring little configuration.

Key Features

  • Dispatching to multiple talk groups; as many as 50.
  • GPS Mapping in Dispatch and Mobile app.
  • Call Alerts can be issued from Dispatch and Mobile app.
  • Handling of Emergencies in Dispatch.
  • Archive Viewer in Dispatch for searching and playing back voice, text messages, GPS positions, call alerts, and emergencies.
  • Geo-fences in Dispatch.
  • Text Messaging in all applications.
  • Remote communications using IP, Wi-Fi, or cellular.
  • Multiple applications to suit customer’s needs.
  • Server-less architecture.
  • No need for Multicast addressing.
  • Unsurpassed audio.
  • Low bandwidth usage; less than 22kBytes/s per client.

System Requirements And Types

  • Windows 7, 8, 10, and/or iOS and/or Android.
  • Compatible with IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus & Linked Capacity Plus with release 1.08.0 or above.
  • Compatible with Connect Plus (Radio 2.2.0/OB 1.3 or greater).

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