neoConnex – GPS for MOTOTRBO

neoConneX GPS is a robust solution to track the location and movements of MOTOTRBO radios. It allows for you to optimize efficiency in workflow, improve communication to mobile workers, and ensure the safety of valuable assets with GPS location data.

The app is ideal for environments with dispatch centers requiring a desktop tool to support their ongoing activities. neoConneX GPS also features a web suite client that allows for remote tracking and monitoring with rich playback functionality available from any mobile device.

Tracking and Monitoring Options with neoConneX

neoConneX is a comprehensive GPS application that piggybacks on the MOTOTRBO digital two-way radio network to transmit location data of employees and assets. Tracking and monitoring can be done two ways: with the Windows client application, and with the Web application.

neoConneX GPS Features

Application Configuration
  • MOTOTRBO™ multi-platform support in a single system
  • Seamless migration of subscribers for carriers with multiple MOTOTRBO system types
  • Automatic subscriber roaming between systems
  • SMTP server integration
  • Bundled with SQL Express, SQL Server available as a premium option
  • Multiple mapping view options, including Google Maps and Microsoft MapPoint
Windows Client
  • Up to 100 client connections with Windows client
  • Real-time location tracker
  • Text messaging to subscriber radios
  • Voice dispatch functionality for seamless communication between dispatcher and subscriber*
Web Suite
  • Hosted on local private network
  • Real-time location tracker
  • Playback features to review past whereabouts
  • Text messaging to subscriber radios
  • Accessible via any web browser
  • Mobile integration any HTML5 enabled device, including Apple, Android and Blackberry

Increase Situational Awareness

Mobile workers require tools to increase their situational awareness. neoConneX empowers dispatchers by quickly letting them know which subscribers are online. It also allows them to locate subscribers in real-time and redirect them from accidents or other hazardous areas. In times where accidents do occur, dispatchers and managers can locate their closest mobile asset to the incident and request their assistance via text message or a private phone call to the radio.

Enhanced Monitoring & Audit Capability

GPS enables decision-making with rich real-time and historical location data. With neoConneX, supervisors, managers and administrators can track in real-time the location of employees and assets. They can also easily playback their historical whereabouts by selecting either a geographic area to review, or a particular subscriber. By creating a specific zone in which to locate subscribers it becomes simple to review their movements and complete audit reviews.

Increased Productivity & Improve Efficiency

With neoConneX it becomes possible to improve fleet efficiency. With one click you can view online subscribers, see their location and review their past movements. You can optimize your schedules and routes by monitoring subscribers over a period of time and making appropriate changes based on facts, not gut feeling. There are precious minutes to be gained. You can also send text-based work orders to subscribers based on their location to further optimize your schedules.

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