Computer Aided Dispatch over IP for MOTOTRBO™ Radios

The TurboVUi™ Dispatch system offers a console-type solution for applications requiring connection to many MOTOTRBO radios (control stations) from a single user interface. It is designed with an intuitive user interface to minimize learning time and maximize a User’s efficiency. TurboVUi™ Dispatch systems include TurboVUi IP Gateway Hardware, Dispatch Software, and one-time Licensing.

Channel Pages

Channel Pages use tabs to group large numbers of radio channels(or talk groups) into manageable subgroups. Each Radio Resource Window within a Channel Page can be customized to show display indicators and controls necessary for that channel or talk group. Status indicators such as Transmit, Receive, and Emergency are shown on both the Tabs and the Channel Windows.

Subscribers Window

The Subscribers Window lists Private radio users as well as Groups of users. The list can be sorted using Radio IDs or Alias Names. When a user is selected from the list, the last-utilized radio channel is indicated in the upper display box. A PTT button is located at the bottom of this window to allow quick access to a subscriber.

Patch Window

The Patch Window controls Channel-to-Channel patches. Channels can be drag-and-dropped into a tab on the Patch Window to form a patch group. A patch group can also be formed from a drop-down list of subscribers.

Texting Window

The Texting Window condenses texting for all subscribers into one dock-able window. Recipients can be chosen from a drop-down list of subscribers. Alternately, a subscriber Radio ID or Alias name can be typed. An outgoing message will indicate if it has reached its destination subscriber radio.

Recent History Window

The Recent History Window displays the previous 50 events that the radio system encounters. These events include audio sound files for both digital and analog channels. It also includes events such as Emergency, Call Alerts, and text messages. Data can be sorted by a variety of fields.

Advanced History Window

The Archived History Window displays similar information described above for the Recent History Window, but for all events recorded to the hard disk. Filtering tools allow easy selection of data. Filters can be applied for date and time range, event type (voice, text, alert), subscriber, channel, and more.

 GPS Map Window

Locations of subscribers can be mapped using Google® Maps. Two polling modes are available; Auto and Static. In Auto Polling mode, all “available” subscriber radios in the system will be mapped. A radio is “available” if recognized by the Automatic Registration Service, or if its PTT or Emergency Key has been pressed recently. In Static Polling mode, a TurboVUi Dispatch user creates a custom polling list of subscribers.

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