MOTOTRBO™ digital two-way radio system represents the next generation of professional two-way radio. Thanks to digital technology, MOTOTRBO delivers greatly enhanced performance in a standards-based two-way radio system. MOTOTRBO is ideal for organizations that require customizable, dependable communications. GW3-TRBO® represents the ultimate in system management for MOTOTRBO. With GW3-TRBO, you have an easy way to keep very close tabs on exactly how your system is performing.

The Ins & Outs of GW3-TRBO

GW3-TRBO connects as a fully integrated peer on IP Site Connect or Capacity Plus MOTOTRBO networks, and through the XRT9000 Gateway on Connect Plus trunking networks. GW3-TRBO captures usage information for every site, channel, slot, talkgroup and subscriber.

GW3-TRBO Connectivity Options

The GW3-TRBO software is designed to connect to a MOTOTRBO® IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus, Linked Capacity Plus, or Connect Plus system in one of two ways:

  • Through an IP Ethernet network (backbone) connection (preferred connection method)
  • Over the air through RF only (OTA) control station connection (alternative connection method)

Descriptions of each connection method, connectivity options, the features available with them, as well as connection point diagrams are as follows:

  • Single Site Standalone
  • IP Site Connect
  • Capacity Plus System
  • Linked Capacity Plus
  • Connect Plus


Why do I need GW3-TRBO?

Probably the best way to answer the question is with an analogy...we're good at those here. Imagine that you just purchased the newest performance sports car off the lot. Everyone admires your new car and you take great pleasure in telling your friends (and strangers) just how little you gave for it.It was almost like stealing! It is capable of going from 0-80 in just seconds and it handles like a dream. Your new car has a great set of wheels, a great stereo, sunroof and even mood lighting. It has almost everything! The only thing missing from your spiffy new a dashboard. You don't know how fast you are going. You can't tell when you are running low on gas, how far you've been, how far you can go. There are no warning lights, no buzzers, no pressure gauges, no tachometer.

If MOTOTRBO is your new sports car, GW3-TRBO is the dashboard!

Is GW3-TRBO the same as GenWatch3?

GW3-TRBO is built on the legacy of the Genesis GenWatch3® engine. GenWatch3 has become an industry-accepted standard for monitoring system utilization and performance in large Motorola trunking radio systems. GW3-TRBO has taken the heart of the GenWatch3 trunking management platform and applied it toward MOTOTRBO to provide the radio system operator with the necessary tools to monitor their radio system intuitively. GW3-TRBO and GenWatch3 are not the same just like MOTOTRBO and Motorola SMARTNET are not the same. However, every effort has been made to give the MOTOTRBO owner as much functionality as possible within the confines of the platform itself.

What if I have more than one system?

You can monitor up to 15 different Connect Plus, IP Site Connected or Capacity Plus MOTOTRBO networks with a single copy of GW3-TRBO (additional connection licenses required). As a fully qualified MOTOTRBO peer, as long as you can connect to the master repeater through the IP network, you can connect GW3-TRBO. You can also add additional GW3-TRBO clients and allow them to monitor as many (or as few) of the resources as you prefer.

Can GW3-TRBO keep unauthorized radios off of my repeaters?

Yes! GW3-TRBO is the only tool available that can show you ALL of the radio activity on your network, not just the authorized talkgroup based activity. The SAM module in GW3-TRBO allows you to identify and quarantine suspicious radios and depending on the configuration of your network, GW3-TRBO can automatically identify and inhibit (kill, brick, zap) any unauthorized radio that keys up on your network.

How do I get my network ready for GW3-TRBO?

In order to accurately monitor and report on system activity, GW3-TRBO requires IP connectivity to all peers on a MOTOTRBO peer IP network. Motorola's RDAC IP application functions in the same manner, and as such, is a valuable diagnostic tool for confirming IP connectivity between a host PC and all peers in the MOTOTRBO system. Determining whether or not a peer IP network configuration is compatible with GW3-TRBO is absolutely crucial and should always be verified with the RDAC IP application before attempting connection with GW3-TRBO.

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