Software Dispatch and Communications Interoperability Solution

WAVE for MOTOTRBO is the only technology capable of delivering a complete IP dispatch application for MOTOTRBO radio systems, and at a price point that fast tracks the decision making process.  Powered by the industry’s most trusted Radio-over-IP (RoIP) technology, WAVE for MOTOTRBO delivers a proven, cost-effective software dispatch solution designed to take full advantage of both audio and data coming from a MOTOTRBO radio system.

Delivering radio traffic over a RoIP network takes a special skill set.  Unlike hardware based analog audio providers who are attempting to migrate their technology to digital systems, WAVE was designed specifically for use in an IP environment. That’s why WAVE is the de facto standard for RoIP deployments for the U.S. military, government agencies and a magnitude of public and private organizations with a mission-critical communications requirement.

WAVE for MOTOTRBO is a software-based dispatch solution designed to eliminate the challenges of implementing RoIP. It is designed specifically to take advantage of MOTOTRBO’s rich feature set, such as ManDown alarms, text messaging and GPS, by exposing all of the system’s features to the user via a user-friendly interface.  This same interface allows console operators to set-up and participate in private, group or broadcast calls to MOTOTRBO radio users, or to interface with an analog or IP phone system.

One of the many advantages of deploying a digital radio system such as MOTOTRBO is to take advantage of all the data that is associated with the audio.  For example, using WAVE for MOTOTRBO a dispatcher is notified each time a handset is turned on and displays a comprehensive view of who is available and who is not.  GPS coordinates allow the dispatcher to immediately see where the user is on a map.  Text messaging to and from individual handsets can supplement voice communications.

Why you need WAVE for MOTOTRBO

WAVE for MOTOTRBO provides an easy entry into RoIP by eliminating the need to understand the intricacies of IP networks or IP-based telephony.

WAVE for MOTOTRBO exposed the rich data functionality of MOTOTRBO systems via a user-friendly interface that can run off industry standard PC hardware:

  • Software Dispatch Console
  • ManDown Alarms
  • Specific Unit ID Displays
  • Group and Private Calls
  • Broadcast Calls
  • Integration with analog and IP PBX Systems
  • System Presence
  • GPS
  • Text Messaging
  • End-to-End Encryption

The WAVE for MOTOTRBO client applications are quick to install, easy to learn and user-friendly, enabling rapid system deployment and turn-up.

The WAVE SDK enables software developers to create custom applications that build on the current and future capabilities of the MOTOTRBO and WAVE systems.

WAVE is accepted as the gold standard for Radio-over-IP (RoIP) technology, having been deployed in some of the most demanding military, government and private sector applications at home and overseas.

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